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meijer weekly ad in louisville ky

meijer weekly ad in louisville ky Before you go to the food store every week, check out the Wednesday circulars. Clip deals as you view television or get your children to give a hand. Business is the important thing to the discount game, so invest in an accordion discount file. Trust me, it’s much easier than rifling through small slides of report or obtaining yourself without the discount you’ll need when you can the store. You can find some very user-friendly coordinators for around $10.00 at sites such as.

• Look over the foodstuff area of your neighborhood newspaper. You’ll get some very nice ideas about bargains to find as well as what create, seafood, etc. is in season. The circulars and the foodstuff part are two areas to start creating a regular menu, that isn’t boring, on a budget. It is also advisable to brush the Internet. There are always a wealth of sites giving ideas for budget menus.

• Contemplate a shopping membership such as Sam’s or Costco. If you do not have the storage space, but wish to take advantage of the savings and ease of buying in majority share the bounty with a friend. You are able to each take a change shopping from a list once a month or so.


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